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Press release May, 2018


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Registration is only available for personnel who are directly related to media coverage/editing/, in media fields such as newspaper, magazines, broadcasting, radio, and web media.


  • We kindly request you to inform us in advance before you do news gathering activities onsite especially for TV/Radio broadcasting.
  • We warmly request you to contact us by the email below for the registration and visiting.
  • Requested an interview to the organizer can be acceptable in English and Japanese.
  • Only personnel who are related to media coverage and editing for the newspaper, magazine, TV, radio & Web media are eligible for the press registration which will be mandatory to get press badge.
  • Photography and recording of audio and video onsite by members of press with valid press badges are permitted only with the consent of the person in charge of the exhibitor booth. Recording of every business talks onsite are strictly prohibited.
  • We warmly and kindly ask you to write an article on this press release. We appreciate you in advance if you send us the copy by post or mail attached.


We kindly ask for your understanding.

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